Fucked cancer and brought to squirt - stage i breast cancer and pregnant


stage i breast cancer and pregnant - Fucked cancer and brought to squirt

Nov 13,  · Your doctors will determine what stage breast cancer you have. Stage describes how big the tumor is, if it has spread and where it has spread. Staging is very important for pregnant women with breast cancer, because their cancers tend to be found at a more advanced stage when the tumor is likely to be bigger and to have spread beyond the breast. How does pregnancy affect survival rates for breast cancer? Pregnancy can make it harder to find, diagnose, and treat breast cancer. Most studies have found that the outcomes among pregnant and non-pregnant women with breast cancer are about the same for cancers found at the same stage, but not all studies agree.

May 22,  · While it’s safe to get pregnant after treatment for breast cancer, some women are concerned about their estrogen hormone levels going up during pregnancy, and causing a recurrence (cancer coming back). But, women who get pregnant after treatment for breast cancer don’t have a higher risk of recurrence or death from breast cancer. Signs of breast cancer include a lump or change in the breast. It may be difficult to detect (find) breast cancer early in pregnant or nursing women. Breast exams should be part of prenatal and postnatal care. Tests that examine the breasts are used to diagnose breast cancer.

As with women who are not pregnant, surgery is usually the first step for treating early-stage breast cancer. Surgery during pregnancy can be safely performed with little risk to your unborn child, so your medical team will most likely proceed by removing the lump with a lumpectomy or mastectomy, and possibly some lymph nodes from under the arm.