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soy isoflavones and breast cancer - perfect body and breast teen

Soy protein or soy isoflavones have a protective effect in women with breast cancer reducing recurrence and increasing survival. Researchers from the Epidemiology Center at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, alongside researchers from the Preventative Medicine Centre in Shanghai, set out to find the truth about soy use in breast cancer . In recent years the relationship between soyfoods and breast cancer has become controversial because of concerns--based mostly on in vitro and rodent data--that isoflavones may stimulate the growth of existing estrogen-sensitive breast by:

Sep 01,  · In consistent with this observation, a case–control study by Zhu et al. with a total of patients with breast cancer and controls recruited from to in south China also indicated an association of the highest relative to lowest soy isoflavone intake with a 58% decrease risk of breast cancer. Higher consumption of soy Cited by: Feb 05,  · Denser breast tissue is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. Still, the study didn't show that isoflavones helped lower breast cancer risk. Another study, conducted in more than 5, Chinese women diagnosed with breast cancer, suggests that a diet rich in soy doesn't worsen prognosis in women diagnosed with breast cancer .

Soy and breast cancer Because natural soy foods contain isoflavones, similar to estrogen, some people fear that soy may raise their risk for certain cancers. This is because estrogen is linked to hormonally . Soy isoflavones consumption and risk of breast cancer incidence or recurrence: a meta-analysis of prospective studies. Breast Cancer Res Treat. (2), Liu XO, Huang YB, Gao Y, et al. Association between dietary factors and breast cancer .

Soy isoflavones may be more effective in breast cancer prevention if consumed throughout the life span. Asians consume relatively high levels of soy foods throughout by: The Breast Cancer Family Registry was a prospective study following 6, women diagnosed with breast cancer and living in the U.S. and Canada; intake of soy isoflavones was examined in relation .

Because estrogen can promote the development, growth, and spread of breast cancers, doctors have worried that eating a lot of soy foods or soy isoflavones (which can be taken as a dietary supplement) . Nov 23,  · A variety of health benefits in terms of cancer and cardiovascular disease have been attributed to the consumption of soy foods, primarily because of soy isoflavones. 1 Three primary isoflavones account for virtually all of the isoflavones in soy beans: genistein (about 50%), daidzein (about 40%) and glycitein (about 10%). The chemical structure of soy isoflavones Cited by: