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sore and tender breast - Twistys - Kaley Kade starring at Sweet And Tender

Apr 24,  · A cyst is a lump under the skin that contains fluid or air. They are usually harmless, but sometimes they become sore. A cyst on Author: Aaron Kandola. Dec 07,  · An oversupply of milk can lead to engorgement, which makes your breast painful and hard. It can also lead to plugged ducts.

Aug 25,  · Any injury to your breast can cause temporary pain, tenderness, and swelling. It can be the result of a blow to your breast during physical activity or due to an accident. You may also be dealing Author: Ann Pietrangelo. Apr 01,  · Not all women experience breast discomfort in the same way. The pain may feel sharp, stabbing, or throbbing. The same hormones that cause overall breast soreness during perimenopause may also lead.