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He found an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer. 2 His five-year study of breast cancer cases showed: 93% of women with breast cancer had root canals; 7% had other oral pathology; Usually these tumors occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal or other oral pathology. Aug 22,  · “In a study of breast cancer patients by Dr. Rau, in Switzerland, of them had had root canals on the same meridian as the breast cancer. The other 3 also had dental problems on the same meridian, but they were not caused by root canals, they were infections in the jawbone caused by some other dental procedure.” (Kehr, ).

Breast cancer has developed to become the leading type of cancer in females. For this study, 80 women were examined after chemotherapy for breast cancer and compared to 80 healthy age-matched women. This cross-sectional study comprised a dental examination with number of teeth, caries frequency (DMFT) and the presence of periodontal diseases (PSI). Feb 04,  · Among the most jarring claims in Root Cause is a connection between root canals and breast cancer. “Ninety-eight per cent of women that have breast cancer have a root canal tooth on the same.

As if root canal therapy in Longmont didn’t have a bad enough reputation as painful and complex, there’s an old but lingering theory out there that root canals contribute to an increased risk of cancer. It’s wrong. We’ll explain. Root canal is an essential treatment for eliminating serious infections inside teeth. To the extent disproven [ ]. The Independent Cancer Research Foundation’s website discusses the frightening link between root canals and cancer: “Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since ) in Switzerland recently checked the records of the last breast cancer patients treated in .

Important information on the connection between dental health and breast cancer that every woman should know about. Learn how gum disease and root canals inc. The Root Canal-Breast Cancer Connection. More than 25 million root canals are performed every year in the United States. This highly invasive procedure involves drilling into a decaying tooth to remove the infected pulp, and then using a file of sorts to reach into the canal of the tooth to remove the remaining pulp.

Mar 23,  · Mercola bases his claims, in part, on a researcher called Dr. Robert Jones, who apparently found a high correlation between root canals and breast cancer. Except, the research Mercola cites does. Jan 21,  · He even goes so far as to suggest that there’s a direct link between root canals and breast cancer in women. No causal link has ever been found between root canals and cancer.