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Manual Stimulation Manual stimulation refers to the use of one or both hands to sexually stimulate the body of a partner. Typically, manual stimulation refers to the stimulation of the genitals, but there are many other parts of the body that are sensitive to erotic touch. Push Down is a manual stimulation technique that uses one finger and a simple stroke to stimulate the clitoris. This technique generates light stimulation and can be performed by the man or woman and is great for waking up her clitoris and getting it aroused during foreplay.

Manual stimulation The clitoris is easily stimulated using one or more fingers. Many people concentrate on stroking only the right or left side of the glans and corpus, while others most enjoy stroking with one or more fingers down towards the frenulum, or even closer to . Nov 15,  · You may notice that stimulating in round patterns feels better than up and down, or that you enjoy stimulation using your inner labia over your clitoris rather than direct clitoral Author: Jennifer Chesak.

Feb 01,  · Since many women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, adding manual clitoral stimulation can up her chances of climax. Unfortunately, it can be tough to get the right position to accomplish this. But doggy style tends to work well, as does spooning. - There are lots of different ways to give the woman in your life an orgasm and one of those ways is through clitoral stim.

Sep 26,  · Give these techniques a try the next time you get intimate with your lady and go beyond average clitoral stimulation: Slow and Easy Does It. Contrary to popular belief, the clitoris isn’t a launch button that immediately sends a woman to sexual cloud nine when stroked, touched or kissed. Akin to other erogenous zones found in the female body. Jan 19,  · "The clit is actually shaped like a wishbone, with these two legs that go down and surround the vaginal opening. And those legs are a great way to have extra stimulation during penetration." Plus, stimulating the clitoris makes the G-spot more pronounced and therefore easier to locate, she adds.

Sep 04,  · During masturbation the clitoris plays a leading role, but during sexual intercourse it can be relegated if aspects such as foreplay stimulation or sexual games, postures that generate friction in the clitoris and physical or verbal cues that can increase stimulation /5(37).