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Grandma's initial smile faded, as I moved in closer and the bulge in my trousers stuck into her waist. When she looked down and saw how aroused her grandson was, her face turned ashen. 'You're hurting me, Petey', she said firmly. I bent my head down to kiss her. 'Petey, no. No', Grandma continued as I increased my effort to take her. Hello all! Welcome to yet another illustrated story. I was into the flow with the last one and decided to make a follow-up to that story. So here we have it, another short story with some rendered goodness! Again, each render in this story is made by the use of the free program DAZ 3D, all characters are again custom made by yours truly.

Try the new mobile-friendly Literotica story page with font customization!! It was a lovely warm Saturday I woke to, anxious to relax from my job, a non-stop frenzy of real estate brokering and making land deals happen. I work hard and enjoy it. At 65, when most are retired or readying for it, I keep going, and the work and pleasure it. Fucking BBW Grandma leads to a black nerd finding The One. Jacob is on top of the world thanks to mom and grandma. Claire evaluates her grandson's progress. A wild week-end at Grandmas. Eric has sex with his sister, mother, & grandmother. and other exciting erotic stories at trannys.xyz!

All stories, erotic novels, chatacters and events in this site, are absolutely fictional, not real. True Sex Stories; here is a list of true stories for adults including gay sex, lesbian (18+), incest, bi-sensual, group sex, Violence and Virginity stories.

Grandma's was a real breast, and the fact that it wasn't an airbrushed product of a magazine made it even better. Hers were real, and if they sagged a bit and had little cosmetic flaws, so what? That only made it better for me, and how I wished there was a way to take a picture of Grandma . I have written stories here before. I enjoyed telling about our sex life. One story about flashing truckers on our way to FL that started wife enjoying flashing. Skiing trip with great friends that ended up wife doing my best buddy and his wife while I was passed drunk. Making VCR tapes when the camera first came out and swapping then with.

A story about how I got to fuck my Grandma. Her tits were reel small but her nipples were real big and she was wearing a low cut dress. That gave me a hard on and I was sitting in the kitchen. She asked me if she could sit on my lap. So I let her do it and she rubbed real hard with her ass. Literotica .