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Jan 13,  · George Walker Bush was the 43rd president of the United States, serving from to His administration had its hands full. It confronted two recessions, one of the most damaging hurricanes in U.S. history, a deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and two subsequent wars. The Bush administration's policies altered the course of U.S. history and impacted the . The Bush Administration has often tied family planning to foreign aid policies. Since , the Bush Administration has supported a Global Gag Rule that denies international aid to any group involved in abortion-related activity. Organizations that do not comply are not eligible for U.S.-donated contraceptives, including condoms.

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration has pulled information about the effectiveness of condoms from a government Web site and is engaged in a "witch hunt" against those who promote condoms in the fight against AIDS, several groups charge. Aug 30,  · A top U.N. official and a number of advocacy groups for AIDS patients charged Monday that Bush administration policy had led to a shortage of condoms in Uganda, increasing the risk of infection.

But the confusion surrounding PEPFAR?s policies on condoms remains. Activists and people involved in PEPFAR projects throughout Africa say organizations that . Dec 04,  · The United Nations‘ latest report on AIDS, issued last week, underscores how the Bush administration’s war on the condom has blocked HIV-prevention efforts around the world. A key finding: Nearly.

Nov 05,  · The numbers began to fall late in George H. W. Bush’s presidency and plummeted during the Clinton years. There were , fewer abortions in Mr. Clinton’s last year as president than in his. Jul 21,  · Mr Pence also spoke out against President Bush's Aids initiative as an effort to provide relief to the African crisis. It was modeled after a Ugandan so-called "ABC" approach - abstinence.

Jan 30,  · Correspondents say Christian conservatives - a pillar of Bush's domestic support - believe that distributing condoms promotes promiscuity, and have emphasised abstinence. Such groups criticised. Aug 30,  · A senior United Nations official has accused President George Bush of "doing damage to Africa" by cutting funding for condoms, a move which may jeopardise the successful fight against HIV/Aids in.