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Playdude magazines? Have you been hiding bosom rags from me? Trying to. (CHUCKLES) These magazines are from before we were married. Maybe you should throw them away. But I need them for the articles. Mmm. The articles, eh? So, you wouldn't mind if I cut out all the erotic nudes? Of course not. Why would I want to look at a nude woman I'm not. Sep 28,  · All's Fair in Oven War — This is by far, the best episode of the non-classic Simpsons era. In fact, this episode is so good, it belongs on a list of best Simpsons episodes, full stop. Everything.

Feb 04,  · Playdude is an adult magazine. Homer has a stash and reads them frequently, although he strongly implies that it is for the interviews. His stash was discovered by Marge, and she attempts to destroy them. However, Bart finds them and eventually starts a cult based on the teachings of Playdude before Homer stops him. This is a list of nudity in The Simpsons. Contents. Episodes. Tracy Ullman shorts. Short number Short name Characters Note Picture 22 "The Pagans" Lisa, Maggie, Bart: 24 "The Aquarium" Bart: 28 "Zoo Story" Bart: 29 "The Art Museum" Person in painting 44 "Bathtime" Bart: 46 "Bart of the Jungle" Bart, Maggie, Lisa: Season 1. Episode number.

May 03,  · However, Marge had cut all the “erotic nudes” out of the issues, so Bart and Milhouse don’t really get what it’s all about when they adopt a “Playdude lifestyle.” The lesser late-period Simpsons episodes have cheesy plots, or they aren’t concerned about the characters.