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humour: Eros using logos the postmodern female trickster. This highly original perspective on women's role in contemporary culture will offer readers a new vision of how humour psychologically operates as a healthy adaptation to trauma and adversity. The trickster is a very complex mythological character, being described both as malicious, foolish, cunning, clown and intelligent, heroic or saviour. He/she/it is a bearer of subversive meaning, but in the same time an aesthetic and narrative tool for telling stories. By using different tricks and practical jokes, 86 Ioan-Alexandru GRĂDINARU.

Eros, son of Aphrodite and Ares, more famous in modern age as a bow-armed cherubin than as that more adult, if still youthful, first image of him, is probably last deity I would have expected to see ever mentioned as a trickster. Yet it seems like this is exactly how his followers see Him or at least a consistent part of them does. Zeus is often given as the father of any God of significance, Ares is a well-established lover of Aphrodite and Hermes attributes as a messenger and trickster and mischievous personality are certainly in common with those of Eros. This Eros is depicted as a perfectly proportioned winged youth or a chubby winged infant carrying a bow and arrow.

The paper will show that where writing on synchronicity aims to individuate science by adding a ‘feminine’ Eros to its Logos biases, the Trickster essay is designed to ameliorate modernity by providing frameworks to make visible marginal or excluded material. In these works Jung tries to rejuvenate the modern world by re‐connecting.