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Detecting a Heart Murmur in Adults. When blood flows normally through the heart valves, it makes a two-beat “lub-lub” sound. With a murmur, the blood is not flowing normally through the heart valves, and your physician may hear through a stethoscope any of a variety of “swishing” sounds that can differ in volume, pitch, and duration. Definition. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound made by turbulent blood flow in the heart. Some adults and many children have incidental heart murmurs that are harmless (benign). At least 30% of children may have an innocent heart murmur at some point during childhood. However, some heart murmurs can signal an underlying heart problem.

Dec 06,  · Abnormal Heart Murmurs in Children. An abnormal heart murmur is more serious than an innocent one. Children with congenital heart disease may develop this type of murmur, most commonly if they are born with a septal defect or hole in the heart or a cardiac shunt, which causes abnormal blood flow between the heart chambers or blood vessels. May 07,  · Some heart murmurs, called innocent murmurs, may occur in children. They are not considered to be serious and may be caused by: Congenital heart disease including valve abnormalities; Holes in the septum of the heart; Heart murmurs related to valve problems should receive follow-up care. Not every murmur is associated with valve disease.

murmurs of physiological origin occasionally murmurs originating from haemodynamically insignificant cardiac defects. Innocent murmurs caused by accelerated blood flow are common in young adults. Fever, anaemia, tachycardia and a thin or flat chest wall may intensify flow sounds making them resemble a murmur of a valvular Juhani Airaksinen. Adults with PDAs should be under the care of an adult congenital heart disease specialist with experience in treating this particular defect. The specialist will evaluate all considerations, such as the size of the PDA, complications related to the PDA and the patient’s overall health, to make a recommendation on which approach is most likely.

Heart murmurs are heart sounds produced when blood is pumped across a heart valve and creates a sound loud enough to be heard with a stethoscope. Murmurs are of various types and are important in the detection of cardiac and valvular pathologies (can be a sign of Heart diseases or defects). There are two types of murmurs. It can be scary to learn that you or your child has a heart murmur. However, heart murmurs are quite common and are often harmless. They occur in many healthy children, who may or may not outgrow.

Jul 07,  · Heart Murmurs. Murmurs are additional sounds generated by turbulent blood flow in the heart and blood vessels. Murmurs may be systolic, diastolic or continuous. Systolic Murmur Grades based on the intensity of the murmur. I/VI: Barely audible; II/VI: Faint but easily audible; III/VI: Loud murmur without a palpable thrill. A congenital heart condition is a condition that develops when a baby is in the womb. People with anaemia can have heart murmurs. They are also often heard in pregnant women, because of the unusually large amount of blood flowing through a pregnant woman’s heart. Will I need to have treatment? A heart murmur itself doesn’t need treatment.