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Jun 14,  · Yep, two more offerings for this "Boomerang on Adult Swim" lineup of old TV cartoons Today's shows: Chuck Norris: Karate Commandos Mr. T Chuck Norris: Karate Commandos (syndicated) SYNOPSIS: Chuck Norris (who appears in live-action wraparound segments at the beginning and end of the. Chuck Norris dosent swim, water just likes him. Vote: share joke. Joke has % from 36 votes. More jokes about: Chuck Norris. Similar jokes. See also best jokes rated by other visitors or new jokes. Chuck Norris can Do Mental Math on Paper. Vote: share joke. Joke has % from 26 votes.

The show aired on Adult Swim first as a April Fool's joke, but then returned in May to replace Chuck Norris: Karate Commandos as filler material for the newly created 5 a.m. timeslot. The show only aired for a few months, and hasn't been shown since. However, Adult Swim still owns broadcasting rights to the entire series. Chuck Norris went for a swim in the ocean. The sharks headed for land%(22).

Aug 02,  · Much of the Adult Swim audience probably wasn't even familiar with the main target of the show's satire, the Chuck Norris series, Walker Texas Ranger; if anything, the network's audience was only familiar with Mr. Norris through memes. 15 No One Remembers: NTSF: SD: SUVAuthor: Matt Trzcinski.