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bronx psychiatrists for adult autism - Revelations of a Psychiatrist (1973)

Building on the successes of the CARD® program, the CARD Adults® program was established in CARD Adults® is the first of its kind focused applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment program in the United States for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Our program accepts patients who are 14 years and older with no age limit to begin services. Autism treatment can include Pivotal Response Treatment for language, social, and behavior goals. We also specialize in using cognitive behavioral therapy to treat children and young adults who have complex concerns, including co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, obsessive–compulsive disorder, depression, and attention deficit.

The Adult Day Hospital at Ellicott City provides a patient-centered treatment environment for individuals with a psychiatric illness and/or an addictive disorder, who have been admitted either from an inpatient unit or directly from the Adults. BronxCare’s Department of Psychiatry is enhancing Emotional Health and Wellness. Under the leadership of Dr. Ketki Shah, Chairman, Psychiatry, it offers comprehensive care for mental health and chemical dependence for adults, adolescents, and children.

The Adult Autism Spectrum Program at Penn Medicine is dedicated to providing customized consultations, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy for adults on the spectrum. Consultations. Consultations can address a wide range of issues for patients (age 16 and up) and their families across the entire spectrum, including these: diagnosis.