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Jul 02,  · A speech impediment is a speech disorder, not a language disorder. Speech disorders are problems in being able to produce the sounds of speech whereas language disorders are problems with understanding and/or being able to use words. Language disorders, unlike speech disorders, have nothing to do with speech production. May 22,  · interestingly, adults in “speaking professions” are, on average, more secure in their speech differences than adults who do not speak as part of their professional activities (Verissimo et al., ). Clinical bottom line. Many adults from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds lisp. Lisps are not rare. Some people celebrate their lisps.

Speech impediments, while usually seen in young children during their developmental stages, can also be seen in young adults, according to the International Disability Center. Correcting a speech impediment can be difficult and often requires assistance from a licensed speech and language therapist. Jan 28,  · ‘Speech and language impediment’ is a very broad term that refers to a communication disorder in an individual that has depressed social, language, communication, hearing, or fluency skills. A speech impairment relates to the way an individual produces or articulates specific sounds. One example of this is stuttering.

May 21,  · Common types of adult speech impairment There are many different types of speech impairment and speech disorders, including: apraxia (AOS), which is a neurological disorder that makes it difficult. May 27,  · Speech therapists are trained to understand and guide children who stutter through both the technical and emotional aspects of disfluency. However, not much is discussed about the sudden onset of speech impediments in adult or senior (over 55 years) individuals. There can a number of reasons for the disfluency besides a family history of it.

Mar 22,  · A speech disorder refers to any condition that affects a person’s ability to produce sounds that create words. Speech is one of the main ways in which people communicate their thoughts, feelings.