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Link defeats Barinade, healing Lord Jabu-Jabu and rescuing Princess Ruto from captivity. Link returns her to her father, who thanks him for his deeds. When Link is an adult, Zora's Domain is frozen over due to the curse placed on it by the monster in the Water Temple. How do you get princess ruto on button to open the door in jabu jabu? Answered: I cant find ruto after dying from the Big Octo, where do I find her? Answered: How do I get out of Jabu-Jabu belly'a with the princess? Answered: Where do i take princess zora in jabu-jabu? Answered: What Music do i sing to malon during night,As adult link? Answered.

Link and Ruto. Readers be warned, adult content is included. ultimateCCC, I see a lover's quarrel in the near future. Enjoy. Link had just finished the fire temple. He had to say goodbye to Darunia after he became a sage. A tear came to his eye after realizing that his sworn brother was struck down by Volvalgia. He had lost Saria already. You hear the sudden earth shaking footsteps stop suddenly right by your location then fearfully look up but the pair of feet don't look like human feet more like fins? or to be exact aquatic webbed feet! then the hand comes out of nowhere and you're face to face with the adult Princess Ruto! a small confused expression over her face as she curiously touches you "What kind of .

Link/Ruto (Legend of Zelda) Link (Legend of Zelda) Ruto (Legend of Zelda) Adult Link (Legend of Zelda) Adult Ruto (Legend of Zelda) Seahorse Anatomy; Zora reproduction; Ruto (Legend of Zelda) has an ovipositor; Oviposition; Interspecies Sex; Summary. Link meets Ruto again seven years later, in the water temple. Choose one of Hyrule's most eligible bachelorettes for Link: Nabooru, Zelda, Malon, Ruto, Impa, and Saria. If you want me to continue REVIEW! First three Zelda chapters now up. Rated T for language. Sorry for the looooooooooooooooong delay!

Adult Ruto Adult Ruto is very similar to Young Ruto, but with a few differences. She has purple, crystal-like earrings and more extravagant fins. Her body as a whole seems to have significantly grown, to the point where she is about the same height as a mature Zora.