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Personal enrichment courses are designed for learners of all backgrounds. Courses are open to adults 18 and over unless designated as a "Teen Friendly" course which is open to students ages 14 and over. Courses are taught by highly-qualified instructors and are scheduled at convenient times. Adult Personal enrichment courses are open to learners of all ages and backgrounds. They're taught by highly-qualified instructors and are scheduled at convenient times. These classes can help you get healthy, learn a new language, sample a .

Under MDH, CDC and Northfield Public Schools developed guidelines, we will continue to run Community Education programs for all ages. Registration for in-person and virtual youth and adult programming is now open! Winter Recreation Program. Adult Enrichment offers a variety of fee-based classes and activities designed for adults of every age. Check out our classes and find your next learning adventure! Register for a Class Today!

The Certificate of Attendance in English Language Learning Skills would help adults who wish to improve their own Phonics, Look and Say, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Composition, Creative Writing and Oral skills. Enrichment Courses Community enrichment courses present adult learners with the opportunity to upgrade their present skills, pursue new ones or explore a hobby in these special courses. Students are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students will participate in multicultural visual and performing arts through virtual learning. Activities will include drawing and painting, puppetry, creative writing, digital technology, as well as dance and music traditions from a variety of cultures, including African, Chinese, and Latin American. Adult Enrichment at Lansing Community College strengthens our community by invigorating your passions. Our helpful and insightful instructors are ready to help you learn more about your hobbies, embark upon a new stage of your life or simply learn something amazing that you never thought of before. Keep learning with us today.

Language Enrichment Language and Cultural Enrichment Programs Specifically for adult learners, our language i mmersion and cultural enrichment programs are geared toward those interested in learning another language and its associated cultures for personal or professional enrichment. Edu-Futuro offers two types of enrichment programs: (1) a Spanish school that offers virtual classes and classes on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters (temporarily suspended by Covid disruption,) from 9 am to 12 pm for children from pre-k to 6th grade and adults; (2) a summer camp for children ages that runs -in general.