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An adult butterfly has but a brief time to carry out its mission. The mission: to mate and for the female to lay eggs. After two or three weeks, the newly formed butterfly emerges from the chrysalis. It is now an adult. The body of an adult butterfly is divided into the same major parts as the larva: head, thorax, and abdomen. There are four main structures on the adult head: eyes,antennae, palpi, and proboscis. A butterfly’s relatively enormous compound eyes are made up of thousands of ommatidia, each of which senses light and images.

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Jul 27,  · When the young butterflies emerge months later, they need plenty of space to stretch their wings and learn to fly. Finally, adult butterflies can be released outside to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and flowers%(). Feb 11,  · In no particular order, here is a list of common plants you’ll find suitable for attracting adult butterflies: thyme, valerian, heliotrope, Asclepias incarnata (common name .

Color away all the daily troubles with stress relieving Adult Butterfly Coloring Pages. This anti stress adult coloring book with mandala coloring pages patterns is designed to help you enjoy yourself and get rid of anxiety. Color therapy has never been easier and more fun! Download Adult Butterfly Coloring Pages now. This adult coloring book with beautiful butterfly pictures 4/5(). Adult Food plants: Prefer Lantana for nectar and as a main food source. Interesting facts: Fritillaries possess defensive glands located on their abdomens that serve as a defense mechanism especially against birds. When the butterflies sense danger in the area or are suddenly disturbed, these glands emit an odor that make birds avoid them.